Things I would go back and tell my younger self

24 Mar lildanny

lildannyI’ve just had a “milestone” birthday, and that’s caused me to reflect back on my life. I don’t regret much…because it’s brought me to this point-a point where I’m generally happy with my life so far.

Things I would tell my kid self:

  • I know your brother breaks your stuff and he is able to get away with things you wouldn’t…let it go. One day you will both look back on all that and laugh.
  • Stick with something and finish! Whether it’s piano, guitar, or karate. One day you will wish you had leaned one of those skills.
  • Oh, and give your mom a break-she is smothering, but she loves you.

What I would tell my teenage self:

  • Don’t worry about people liking you. Be yourself. You’re pretty awesome.
  • Those girls that you were afraid to talk to? They like you too. They told me.
  • For God’s sake, do something about that hair!

What I would tell my 20′s self:

  • Figure out what you like to do. Don’t take college classes just for the heck of it. Most of those classes you’re taking and stressing about won’t be of any use to you later.
  • Don’t worry about finding the perfect girl you are going to bring home to mom. She’s going to hate her anyway.
  • Don’t co-sign a loan for a friend, dummy.
  • That job that you stress out about…does it really make you happy? Can you see yourself doing that for the rest of your life?
  • Seriously, that hair…do something.

What I would say to my 30′s self:

  • Insure your shit.
  • Don’t lose your focus.
  • Call your dad more.
  • By the way, your mother is still going to hate whomever you bring home this time.
  • At least you have hair.

What I would say to my 40′s self:

  • Hey, you deserve to be happy. Stop trying to please others that don’t appreciate you and what makes you special. You are making yourself miserable.
  • Stop being so scared of taking business risks. Do your thing exactly the way you envisioned it. Why wait around?
  • It wouldn’t kill you to get on a treadmill every now and then, either.

Im sure that in ten years I’ll have another list for myself. Hopefully telling me that I’m still a pretty awesome sexy guy with great hair and his stuff together.

However, you never know…I could still go off the deep end. Stay Tuned.

Be Congruent

28 Feb 20140228-092906.jpg

We were just talking today about first impressions when meeting people. Sometimes I get an instant “dislike” to someone upon meeting, even though they have never done or said anything bad to me. The older I get, the more I will usually go with my gut instincts and not engage the person any deeper if possible.

One of the reasons that was brought up is that people who are not congruent with their words, thoughts, and actions are usually the ones that “turn me off”

You know these people, too. They are the ones with all the advice-yet their lives are in shambles, the “preachy” ones that have their closets full of skeletons.

I’ve been accused of “not having a filter” or “being too transparent” at times… but not usually about my stance on things. I’m not confrontational…but I’m not above turning around and wailing away from someone I can’t stomach.

Anyway, the purpose of this rambling post if to encourage you to drop the facade, if you have one-and be more yourself.


Why Groupon and Living Social are having problems

26 Apr

living social and groupon

if you real business articles like I do, then you have heard that both of the big Daily Deals sites-Groupon and Living Social are faltering. Groupon just fired its founder and CEO, and Living Social just posted a $50 Million first-quarter loss. I’m sure they have CFO’s and such making excuses why the companies have been performing poorly…but I know why. They both act like they don’t want my business.

I own a business. I have used both sites and have had success running deals-I am a happy customer! I want to re-run a deal…try contacting them…it’s an ordeal to get anyone to talk to me!

I know both companies have a hard time keeping sales reps. Emails bounce back when I try to contact my former reps. I have even tried public shaming on Twitter! The person in charge of their twitter account contacted me and told me to Direct message my info…I did. Still no answer. So there it is, daily deal companies….take care of my needs as a businessperson and maybe you wouldn’t need to sell me crappy closeout merchandise or whatever you are pushing besides the local deals.

And if you are from Living Social or Groupon….call me. I have a deal to run!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

6 Mar
My uncle Tony on the left and my dad on the right

My uncle Tony on the left and my dad on the right

It’s my birthday…and there’s the usual comments on facebook congratulating me on making it through another year-but I also shared my birthday with my father. So every time my birthday rolls around, I always think of him.

I can’t believe it’s been over 18 years since he’s been gone. Funny thing is, I will have conversations with him in my dreams…he will counsel me on certain things And then when I wake, my heart sinks a little because I realize he’s not really here.

My father was not perfect-I know that…I know he wasn’t a very good husband. But then again, I have two exes that would probably say the same thing…

One of the things I always admired about him was that he was cool under pressure, even when people around him were falling to pieces… he seemed to have it together. I always strive to be like that.

He always tried to help people…almost to a fault. He was an architect and I remember my parents arguing because he didn’t charge people or let them pay in “installments”. I remember that financially it was either “feast or famine”-so I suppose he wasn’t a financial whiz either.

I know some would hate to turn out like their parents…but looking back, I guess I do have a lot I inherited from him-good AND bad. But the one thing that was outstanding about him, is that he was a great father.

I want to be remembered that way as well.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

My uncle Tony on the left and my dad on the right

“Slow it Down”-Lumineers

6 Nov

Probably my favorite song right now…I love the lyrics.. Here they go.

I feel her filth in my bones
Wash off my hands ’til it’s gone
The walls they’re closing in
With velvet curtains

Some love was made for the lights
Some kiss your cheek and goodnight
Lift up a red high heel
Lock up your doors with steel

They’re makin’ noise in my street
My blinds are drawn I can’t see
Smashed in my car window
Didn’t touch the stereo

Slow it down, Angie come back to bed
Rest your arms, and rest your legs

Act like you’ve been here before
Smile less and dress up some more
Tie up your scarf real tight
These boys are out for blood tonight

Slow it down, Angie come back to bed
Rest your arms, and rest your legs

And when she stood, she stood tall
She’ll make a fool of you all
Don’t ask for cigarettes
She ain’t got nothin’ left for you

I never, she never, we never looked back
That wasn’t what we were good at
And when it came to love
We were not good enough uh huh

Slow it down, Angie come back to bed
Rest your arms, and rest your legs
Don’t you frown when you’re feelin’ like that
Only love can dig you out of this

My Fitness Pal

2 Nov

The web site that I use to track my calories is  It is a free site that you can use to enter what you have consumed. It’s easy and can link to other apps like Endomondo and Fitbit, which I also use to track my exercise. Try it out! It’s well worth it!

MyFitnessPal – Free Weight Loss Tools

Fictional Character that Best Represents your Personality: Batman

2 Nov

Batman has a lot of old pain that made him who he is. A loner. He tries to stand up for the underdog, and wants to save the world-but needs a ton of help himself.

Bruce Wayne has it all together, but Batman is a basket case.


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