Bahama Breeze

My wife Kim and I like to come here for the appetizers. We have found that the entrees here are a bit bland, but the appetizers have a lot more flavor and are usually more authentic.

Please don’t come to Bahama Breeze thinking that you’ll find a great Jamaican or Cuban dish. Youll find something fairly decent that may remind you of the Islands.

The atmosphere here is pretty good especially if you sit outside in the evening-they usually have some sort of live music.

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One thought on “Bahama Breeze

  1. You are right about the appetizers, my favs are the coconut shrimps,food dishes are rather on the bland side ..and they also make a great Pina Colada!!!
    I love the Bahama Breeze here in Kendall/Miami the decor & style of the restaurant does kinda transport you a bit to the Bahamas…and they sometimes have live performer/music outside while you wait for your table .

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