Schroeder’s New Deli

We tried out that newest restaurant in Cartersville-Schroeder’s New Deli. It’s located in Integrity Plaza (where Ambra and Zydeco’s were located)

The menu consists of sandwiches and wraps. The prices are very reasonable. I ordered a Reuben Sandwich, hoping it would be a real deli-style sandwich. Actually,  we even asked if the corned beef was “real”. Our server assured us it was.

It was actually from a processed loaf. While it wasn’t bad-It wasn’t what I was expecting. Schroeder's New Deli on Urbanspoon

This is probably the type of restaurant that will actually “make it” in this location.


2 thoughts on “Schroeder’s New Deli

  1. I loved this place, too. I enjoyed all the food, especially the tuna sandwiches, and I hoped Schroeder’s would have success in this location. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

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