Nature’s Sunshine Convention

natconventionEven though I have been involved with Nature’s Sunshine products for over 12 years, (OMG) this is my first National Convention.
The most interesting thing to me is the variety of people here.

There are are older people, young people, people from all ethnic backgrounds, different accents, different religions, but one of the things that struck me is that they really care about the people they are helping.

As a chiropractor, we sometimes think that we are alone battling against the pharmaceutical companies and allopathic medicine-but in these people I now see them as allies.

Some of these people attending have built incredibly large businesses-even spanning international borders, but I notice that they always made time to answer questions or help someone.

I also gained new respect for this company and their products and even the charities they support. I can honestly say that I am proud to be involved with Nature’s Sunshine


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