Crepe A Delic

WhCrepe a Delic on Urbanspoonat can I say here? This is a review that I actually feel bad writing, because it must have been a bad day for these people. All  the UrbanSpoon reviews are positive so I will PROMISE to give them another try on a later date and modify my review.

We had been wanting to try this place for a while now, but it seemed that every time we tried it was closed. We hit the jackpot the other day (or so I thought) when we saw the open sign.

I went in with my daughters and we each ordered a crepe and waited with anticipation for a yummy treat! And we waited..and waited…and waited.

No kidding, It took almost an HOUR to get our order.  Look, I’m no gourmet chef, but I KNOW that it doesn’t take that long to prepare a simple crepe-for God’s sake-it’s the French version of fast food!

The people in the table next to us all left because of the wait-all six of them!

When we were served, the crepes were served on some sad-looking plastic kids plates. Not that that ruined the meal, but after waiting an hour , I sort of expected more.

The crepes were OK-but then mine was a bit dry…like it had been sitting out waiting for the other to to be finished.

Tasty, but for this place to do well they have to do it quicker and better. Our server asked me how everything was and I politely said …”ok” she pressed me some more on “why just ok? how coould we have made it great?” and I told them…!

You should have seen the disappointed faces all around. I got a card for a free crepe to try in the future…I genuinely felt so bad for telling them! I hope they get their stuff together-everyone has a bad day every now and then. I will review this place in the future and update this post.

Here’s a review of another crepe place I visited


place is CLOSED now.


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